marți, 27 mai 2008

Mamaia North, Romania

Type residential and mixed use
Size 1800 Apartments plus 17, 000sqm of non-residential use
Client Westhouse Group
Status Feasibility Study

Scheme description
Mamaia is one of the three schemes, which Formation Architects has been designing for Westhouse Group as part of the residential developments in Romania. Located on a strip of land which faces a Lake to the West and the Black Sea to the East, Mamaia will offer fantastic views and direct access to the beach to all residents.

With the aim to create an all year round destination, the development will incorporate not only private residential use but also public leisure facilities such as an indoor waterworld, cinemas, spa, bars, restaurants, cafes and some retail which will be located at the heart of the site.

Framing the central public area there will be two plinths housing the car parking, cinemas and some retail. Above the plinths there will be the residential towers with garden roof terraces at the top. The orientation of the towers is such to maximise the natural light to the apartments as well as the views to the Lake and the Black Sea. The car parking will be accessible from North and South sides of the site minimising vehicle circulation within the site.

marți, 20 mai 2008

miercuri, 14 mai 2008


General objective
- Improve of the athletic and leisure infrastructure of the
municipality of Constanta

Specific objective
- Construction of a multi-purpose sports centre, with 5,000
seats and an administration hall (accommodation, change
rooms, meeting room, sauna, recovery swimming pool,
television – radio–data transmission cameras).

Estimated value of project
- 19,000,000 euro

Duration of project
- 24 months

Short description
The construction will include two buildings:
- a sports hall: S + D + P + 1 + M with reinforced concrete
structure, and with a built surface area of 5,162.1 m
and a
total surface area of 19,945.4 m
The height of the hall is
16.1 m;
- annex building: S + D + P + 1 with change rooms and
showers, with a total surface of 516.8m
- Capacity of stands: 5,150 seats
- Exterior works: surface and underground parking lots,
access way
- Inclusion of Constanta in the international sporting
- Improvement of training facilities in sporting clubs in
- Improvement of sporting performances;
- Improvement of social comfort.